Forest and Future Events by Chris Triance-Martin

Hey there.

Its been a crazy few weeks with sick cats and purging the home of unnecessary things. But now the cat is better and back to his old self and the home is much more free of things I don’t need. So I’m more at peace now and can get back to work.

Recently, I was with Katelyn in the forest and we took a ridiculous number of lovely pictures (one of which is below). I’m not sure what I’ll do in the winter without that forest, but I do have some more work coming up in October with two models in the same place, so I’m really looking forward to that. In addition to a trip to Mississauga to work with a woman I haven’t worked with in a decade, so I’m beside myself.

Anyway, Katelyn is really an aweome lady and a hippie at heart, so I hope we continue working together.


Exposure X4, printing and shows by Chris Triance-Martin

I’ve been working on some things of late. Mainly changing my editor to Exposure X4 from Capture One, not that Capture One is not good (its actually great) but the subscription model is too, too expensive to maintain. Come October, I’ll be switching to Exposure for my main editor. After a few days of trials, prints are working great now, so its a given.

Given this, I decided to start using Exposure X4 now on some old raw images in DNG format. One thing Capture One doesn’t do is let you edit DNG (at least the Fuji version I have), so here’s some Jacs Fishburne from a few years back, re-edited in Exposure X4…

Beyond that, I’m looking to get a show booked somewhere and will be curating what I want in that show over the next few weeks. I also want to create some 20x30 prints for the same. That is going to be difficult. What to include, what not to.


Film and such by Chris Triance-Martin

I shoot film sometimes. Not a lot, but I like to use one roll each time I work, and generally whatever is available in my area. That isn’t much, so normally, I use the available Ilford. However, with a recent trip to England, I’m been able to use some funky films created idependently. This isn’t one of those and I believe this was Ilford HP5, but I could be forgetful.

Em from a recent trip to the forest….Minolta 50mm f1.7 Ilford


Roaming by Chris Triance-Martin

A couple of weeks ago, I had the chance to take Rowan to a nearby forest. The great thing about this forest is that there’s a forest within the forest that’s basically dead and cutoff from light, so it’s very moody. We were eaten alive by insects but it was well worth the few hours…from 35mm film in a Minolta with a 50mm f1.7.

Rowan 2019

Rowan 2019

Forest Travels by Chris Triance-Martin

Spent some time with some friends, one of whom is heading back home after spending a couple of weeks in Canada, in a rare old Carolinian forest that’s private property. The great thing is they open it to the public for a donation.

Yes, I took a lot of pictures, perhaps too many. On one edge, the forest opened to a rather picturesque field of hay bales. I try to do every picture I take in camera with little or know editing after the fact, so this is just the jpeg with some setting updates on a film simulation in my Fuji. There’s some distortion via the 16mm lens, but its as real as can be, or at least how I imagined it.

I will revist in the autumn for sure, as I think it will be exploding in colour, even though I’ll likely work in Monochrome for the most part. I like it for what it is, but having a model here today would have been astounding as well. We’ll see about that for the future.

(Shot with Fuji X-E3, 16mm f/2.8, adjusted Acros film simulation)

Southern Ontario

Southern Ontario

Blogging by Chris Triance-Martin

I could start this blog with “I’ve recently left Instagram and social media in general as a way to show my work”, but I’m not going to do that, even though I just did in a way.

Instead, I’m just going to start a blog that’s more personal, doesn’t require constant management and endless scrolling through ‘feeds’ and is a lot less time consuming with no censorship or anyone overseeing my posts. That was getting really frustrating when even censored posts were being deleted, so enough of that.

I want to curate my own work in my own format, that I would find more appealing.

This will be a blog largely about shooting, travelling and shooting some more, the people I meet along the way, new friends I make in the photographic and artistic community and a way as well to show more of my work beyond my primary work in the nude genre. It may also be about the gear I use, though I’m not exactly a “gearhead”. It will also be a way by which I can share tips and tricks, what I’ve learned and more detail of the path I’m on artistically and for the past 15 years.

It may be boring, but no likes are required and I can do this at my own pace. And maybe some will find it interesting.

I’m also in the middle of reconstructing this site to show more of my work in a format that is at least better than Instagram, and best viewed not necessarily on a phone.

Thanks for coming out :)